Metal Stamping Malaysia – What We Do

Metal Stamping Malaysia – What We Do

Metal Stamping Malaysia :
Being one of the top Metal Stamping Company in Malaysia, we offer the metal stamping Malaysia metal stamped products as well as services while taking the necessary steps and process in order to make sure our services and products are maintained at high level. We also utilise the latest processes and manpower to keep abreast with the global technology to maintain our prestige at global level too.

Metal Stamping Explained :
By making use of multiple complex processes and equipment coupled with knowledge, metal stamping is the transformation into process of converting metal sheets into a variety of forms via dies and stamping presses.

We can manufacture same metal components via efficient process in our manufacturing technologies following well defined and tested standards.

Metal Pressing is also involved where flat metal sheets aka blankets utilise  die surface and required equipment to shape the metal into final output using a variety of techniques such as blanking, coining, bending, punching etc by applying the necessary pre-determined/ measured pressure. The final shape and look depends on the shape of the die in this case.
We have the latest technology and expertise to enable manufacturing process when it comes to stamping, punching, 2D and even 3D cutting in transforming these metal sheets in repetitive, non-stop manner. With our Metal Stamping Malaysia experience – this target can easily be achieved over the years.

Metal Stamping – the different types:
Metal stamping Malaysia involves these different types :

Type 1 – Precision Metal Stamping Malaysia
By automating the metal processing with our equipment, our final products are eventually produced with precise measurements with perfect accuracy. This is exactly what precision metal stamping is about especially when it comes to small parts where even the tiniest accuracy plays an important part in determining the critical success factors.
Basically, small components need very high precision and accuracy in order to manufacture the finest parts.
Tightest quality control and efficiency is needed at all times.

Type 2 – Deep Draw Progressive Stamping
This process takes place whenever we need multiple diametersis in series. For any production that utilise raw materials in high volume – this is a very cost benefit way to achieve its target. The industries applicable in such
scenarios are typical manufacturing such as home appliances, automotive etc.

Since the diameter of the metal sheet is exceeded by the drawn component during the process of placement forming
it is therefore called DEEP DRAW.


Metal Stamping Malaysia – how this is being applied in the real scenarios
As you can see in other pages, our products and services can eventually be applied in different ways such as Oil ad Gas, Home Appliances, Industrial products and even Automotive.
In terms of Conveyor products – we can also produce different types of rollers such as Sprocket, Grooved, Roller sets, Bearings etc. All these can be achieved via our advanced, well researched and trusted metal stamping process.

Metal Stamping – the PROs:
Due to the low production costs, accurate and dependable processes, efficient in productivity coupled with wide range of products, efficient automation – METAL STAMPING is the right way to go.

E &W Engineering has been in the market for decades and we have the necessary technology, manpower and expertise to be a leading metal stamping parts manufacturers Malaysia. You can contact us anytime to get more information about how we can be your partner anytime!

We have these critical components to ensure your business needs are taken care of
whenever you look for Metal Stamping Malaysia –
– Decades of experience
– Latest technology and equipment
– Certified standards of operation and compliance
– Large manufacturing capacity to run 24×7

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