Our 5R campaign

Our 5R campaign

In E&W  Engineering , we have an established internal department called E-S-S-S-H which stands for Environment, Sustainability, Security, Safety and Health where we conduct activities relevant environment protection and safety as part of our mission to be a responsible organisation towards the environment.

Some of our activities include :
1 – Convert Fluorescent Lighting to LED in our office,
2 – Convert Factory Lighting to LED,
3 – Switching off lighting and air conditioners in our premises during lunch breaks,
4 – Installation of transluscent roof panels to save electricity to maintain the brightness of factory,
5 – Harvesting of rainwater to be used for cleaning purposes using our own storage tanks,
6 – Convert diesel as fuel to battery for our forklifts, and to use only battery-powered units by the year 2035,
7 – Installation of solar panels as investment in renewable energy,
8 – Reuse and monitoring of papers in paperwork usage,
9 – Installation of recycle bins ,
10 – Recycling of plastics, carton boxes and aluminium cans,
11 – Enhance automation to reduce manpower in year 2022-2023 …

We have launched our 5R campaign which serve our purpose to create awareness and develop
pro-active plans to support the concept of REDUCE RECYCLE, RETHINK, REPAIR and REUSE.
Recently in April, an external party was invited to provide training to our members in order
to increase our knowledge and to equip us with the relevant know-how in our quest to excel in
this area.

With the co-operation from everyone, we believe our objective to maintain our environment can be achieved.


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